Below is a list of technologies we feature.

Computer Systems are located in every treatment room and linked to the entire office, as well as the internet.

Diagnodent is a hand-held device that can detect small cavities before they cause major tooth damage. It uses a harmless laser light, and in most cases these small cavities can be treated painlessly with no anesthetic.

Digital X-rays produce clear images that are used to diagnose and treat dental conditions. They use less radiation than standard x-rays, and can be sent electronically to specialists. All x-rays in our office use this advanced technique.

Flat Screen Patient Monitors are used to both entertain and educate our patients.

Intra-Oral Cameras are used to take photos of teeth and other structures of the mouth. These images help to diagnose dental problems and enable patients to better understand what is going on in their mouths. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Laser is a safe, pain-free alternative to traditional gingival (gum) surgeries.  This device can be used during various procedures in place of a surgical scapel, often with little or no anesthetic.  It can also be used to speed-up healing of apthous ulcers (cold sores). 

Massage Dental Chairs are present in all four treatment rooms. These extraordinarily comfortable chairs are covered with a memory foam material, and patients have the option to use a relaxing massage feature.

Ultra-Sonic Scalers allow hygienists to remove even stubborn tartar and stains in a gentle, thorough manner. These cleaners pulsate and spray warm water as deposits are removed from the outside of the teeth.  Not all patients will need this device, but when needed, it shortens the time required to clean teeth surfaces.

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